Scholarships and employment

Scholarships and employment the BOE

Scholarships and employment. From the BOE to the Ministry of Education, Injuve or universities publish scholarships, grants and employment for young people, their requirements and deadlines.

With the right mechanisms and information, young people can take a leap in their training and career. But you have to know where to find scholarships and opportunities and also know how to interpret the information, often unintelligible to applicants.

There are countless reliable sources of scholarships and youth employment that should not be overlooked. and Locos por las Becas have selected the ten most relevant and constantly updated sources of scholarships and youth employment.

Scholarships and employment

most relevant and constantly updated sources of scholarships and employment for young people.

1. BOE:

The BOE – Official State Gazette is an essential source of opportunities where the calls for applications from the Government converge. Every day, grants, scholarships and competitive examinations are published to fill positions in all areas. To facilitate this task, it offers the possibility of subscribing to the notifications or alerts that are of most interest, so that it is not necessary to consult the bulletin in its entirety.

2. Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Sports:

The Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Sports provides information on aid programs for all levels of education. From the popular MEC Grants for post-compulsory studies, for which there is a dedicated informative web page (Becas Educación portal), to grants for teacher mobility, language learning, textbooks or special educational needs.

3. Other ministries:

For information exclusively related to universities, the Ministry of Universities offers information on scholarships and grants such as the María Zambrano or Margarita Salas program for the requalification of young researchers. For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides information on MAEC-AECID scholarships, assistantships and scholarships for young cooperants, among others.

4. Injuve – Youth Institute:

The Youth Institute is a public agency under the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030. It offers a section dedicated to calls for scholarships, prizes, public employment and volunteering that is updated periodically to inform about all kinds of actions for young people.

Scholarships and employment

5. Eurodesk:

Eurodesk is the European youth information network. It was created in 1990 as a support organization for the Erasmus+ program and today has 38 centers connected to more than 1,500 local information providers in 36 European countries. In its calls for proposals section you can find scholarships, internships in European organizations, awards for young people and other opportunities to start a professional career internationally.

6. Universities:

Most Spanish universities have a section dedicated exclusively to scholarships for their students. In these spaces you can find information on requirements and application deadlines for both national and institution-specific scholarships and Erasmus scholarships, among other calls for applications.

One example is the Complutense University of Madrid, with a section dedicated to scholarships, including grants with current deadlines. The University of Alicante also has a section to consult scholarships and the University of Granada has a scholarship service to provide information on its own scholarships, those of the Ministry, other organizations and even frequently asked questions.

7. Training centers:

The schools and training centers themselves periodically publish scholarships for courses with professional opportunities in the area of administration, business management, health or professional skills.

8. Reference organizations:

The Fulbright Commission, the Carolina Foundation and the Botín Foundation are organizations that have been granting scholarships and aid for further studies in Spain and abroad for years. They call their programs on several occasions during the year.

Also the Fundación SEPI, which promotes and manages scholarship programs in companies, aimed at young students and recent graduates, periodically announces grants for university and vocational training students, mainly.

9. Public employment, subsidies, grants and prizes:

For those who are going to take competitive examinations and are looking for public employment opportunities, there is the General Access Point (PAG), a point of entry for any citizen to the Public Administrations. It offers a public employment search engine with current and future calls for applications.

But also a detailed search engine for grants, subsidies, scholarships and prizes with multiple search options such as: geographic area, type of aid, subject or area, etc.

10. Banking entities:

Banco Santander, la Caixa and other banking institutions periodically announce numerous aid programs ranging from grants to study a Degree or a Master’s Degree to financing for projects in the field of education.

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