Scholarships for summer courses

Scholarships for summer courses

Scholarships for summer coursesThe United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are some of the scholarship destinations to participate in Summer Schools.

Summer Schools at European universities have become one of the best options to learn another language and discover new countries during the summer vacations.

Scholarships for summer courses

What are summer schools?

As a general rule, these courses focus on specific areas such as technology, social sciences, languages, arts and humanities or business. Many of them also offer scholarships and study grants to cover tuition, accommodation, transportation and living expenses, among others.

Summer Schools in the UK:

Kingston University London has launched its 2024 Summer Schools Scholarships. Two types of scholarships will be available this year. One endowed with 800 pounds off tuition fees for summer courses. And another with an endowment of 300 pounds, which can also be deducted from the tuition fees of the chosen course.

The application period for these grants will be open until March 31. Students who are selected to receive one of these grants will be announced during the month of April.

On the other hand, as in previous years, the Association of Scottish Universities offers its Summer International School (SUISS), a summer training program promoted by several Scottish universities.

Scholarships for summer courses

The scholarships are divided into two categories:

Partial and Full, although neither covers travel expenses from the country of destination to Scotland. Those interested in applying for the selection process have until March 28 to submit their application.

And the University of Leicester has opened the deadline to apply for the Summer School 2024 scholarships. These scholarships consist of a fee waiver to attend a specific international summer program. In this edition, the scholarships are only effective for international summer programs and do not cover travel or living expenses for the duration of the program.

Interested applicants must have an offer to attend one of these international programs before applying for a scholarship. In addition, they must submit a 150-word personal statement in English explaining why they should receive the scholarship.

The University of Leeds also offers scholarships for students with the best academic records who wish to participate in one of its summer courses. Scholarships are worth £500 for full four-week courses or £250 for two-week courses. Applications are open until April 1.

Summer scholarships in the Netherlands:

The Vrije University Amsterdam Summer School has given the green light for equal access scholarships, which cover all tuition and accommodation costs. These scholarships can be applied for until April 1.

The second type of scholarship is the Green Travel Scholarship, through which grants are offered to encourage sustainable travel for students attending summer school.

The scholarships are worth €100 for students traveling by train to these summer courses and €50 for those traveling by bus.

Scholarships for summer courses

Scholarships to the Czech Republic:

The Slavic Studies Summer Schools have also opened the application period for their Summer School 2024 scholarships.

These courses are organized by several public universities in the Czech Republic and last three to four weeks during the months of June, July and August.

The courses are intended for foreign students, specialists (teachers, translators, interpreters) and academics in the field of Czech and Slavic studies, over the age of 18. They are also open to all those interested in Czech language, literature, history and culture.

The grants include room and board, tuition, expenses for all travel and excursions, and tickets to use public transportation in the Czech Republic. The application deadline for these grants is March 31.

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