Scholarships in Germany

Scholarships in Germany for students

Scholarships in Germany. Every year, 1,500 scholarships from the Heinrich Böll Foundation are awarded to master’s and doctoral students of any nationality.

Once again this year, the Heinrich Böll Foundation scholarships for graduates wishing to pursue a master’s degree or doctoral studies in Germany are back. In this first round of scholarships in honor of the German writer, a key figure in post-war German literature, around 1,500 grants have been awarded to university graduates of any nationality in the world.

As in previous years, applicants must have an excellent academic record and be socially and politically involved. An active interest in the Foundation’s values of ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination and justice is also a plus.

Scholarships in Germany

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2024.

Grants for university students:

These grants are intended for university students who are first-generation students, students from immigrant backgrounds, or students from technical colleges.

These grants are also intended for students majoring in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or technical subjects, especially those with an environmental focus.
This type of scholarship can be applied for before beginning a program of study or within the first three semesters (at the time of application). However, a good command of German is required.

Doctoral Scholarships:

Doctoral scholarships are open to doctoral students in any subject or field of knowledge. Applicants must prove that they have been accepted as doctoral students by a higher education institution in Germany or in an EU country.

According to the terms of the call, the selection committee will give priority to dissertation projects related to the foundation’s areas of work.
Those interested in applying for any of these fellowships have until March 1, 2024 to submit their application through the foundation’s website.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation calls twice a year for scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students of all subjects and nationalities, with a minimum B2 level of alemán. The next deadline is March 31.

In Germany, there are various forms of scholarships to support students in their university studies, research or professional development. These scholarships can come from government institutions, private foundations, universities, companies or international programs. Here are some of the main ones:

Scholarships in Germany

German government scholarships:

the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is one of the most important scholarship-granting organizations in Germany. It offers various programs for international students, researchers and academics in all fields of knowledge.

University scholarships:

Many German universities offer their own scholarships for outstanding local and international students. These scholarships may be based on academic merit, financial need or specific criteria set by the university.

Private foundation scholarships:

There are numerous private foundations in Germany that offer scholarships for university students. These foundations often have specific focuses, such as promoting certain academic disciplines, supporting students from particular countries or demographic groups, or supporting research in particular areas.

Research grants:

For those wishing to conduct research in Germany, there are several funding opportunities through research grants offered by government institutions, universities and private organizations. These grants may be available for graduate students, doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows.

International exchange scholarships:

Germany participates in several international exchange programs, such as the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, which provides scholarships for students, professors and university staff who wish to study, teach or train in another European country.

Scholarships for artists and musicians:

In addition to standard academic scholarships, there are also specific scholarships for artists and musicians who wish to study or carry out projects in Germany. These scholarships often offer financial support and professional development opportunities.

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